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How will you rise?

Right now, there are hundreds of ways to get involved, and hundreds of kids and families who could use your help. Whether you can spare an hour a day or an hour a month, there’s a volunteer opportunity waiting to be filled that fits your schedule in locations across Duluth and Superior.

Thank you for sharing your energy and talents—and joining us to embrace all our kids!

Volunteer at Duluth Public Schools

Do anything from tutoring kids in reading and math to helping in classrooms, libraries and hallways, serving on a site council, supporting Creative Classroom Projects and more.

All Duluth Public Schools


Congdon Park Elementary  (218) 336-8825
3116 East Superior Street

Denfeld High School  (218) 336-8830
401 North 44th Avenue West

East High School  (218) 336-8845
301 North 40th Avenue East

Homecroft Elementary  (218) 336-8865
4784 Howard Gnesen Road

Lakewood Elementary  (218) 336-8870
5207 North Tischer Road

Laura MacArthur Elementary  (218) 336-8900
720 North Central Avenue

Lester Park Elementary  (218) 336-8875
5300 Glenwood Street

Lincoln Park Middle School  (218) 336-8880
3215 West Third Street

Lowell Elementary  (218) 336-8895
2000 Rice Lake Road

Myers-Wilkins Elementary (218) 336-8860
1027 North 8th Avenue East

ORDEAN East Middle School (218) 336-8940
2900 East 4th Street

Piedmont Elementary (218) 336-8950
2827 Chambersburg Avenue

Stowe Elementary (218) 336-8965
715 101st Avenue West


Volunteer at Superior Public Schools

You can help in classrooms, libraries or with activities. Serve on a special project or tutor children in literacy, math, science, music and much more.

Contact Kelly
Phone: 715-394-8710
Email here

All Superior Public Schools

Bryant Elementary  (715) 394-8785
1423 Central Avenue

Cooper Elementary  (715) 394-8790
1807 Missouri Avenue

Four Corners Elementary  (715) 399-8911
4465 E County Rd B

Great Lakes Elementary  (715) 395-8500
129 N 28th Street East

Lake Superior Elementary  (715) 398-7672
6200 East 3rd Street

Northern Lights Elementary  (715) 395-6066
1201 North 28th Street

Superior Middle School  (715) 394-8740
3626 Hammond Avenue

Superior High School  (715) 394-8720
2600 Catlin Avenue

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When we rise for our kids, we all rise. So I promise to:

Recognize the growing gap between those with opportunity and those without

Initiate action to effect change, one life at a time

Share stories and resources with my family, neighbors and community

Empower all kids to have equal opportunities to live up to their potential, independent of place and race

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Our promise to all our kids

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