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In 2016, the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation committed $1.5 million to nine nonprofit groups and one government agency, the Duluth Public Schools. The grant was provided by the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation of Eden Prairie, Minnesota and from Community Foundation resources. The fund seeks to embrace and empower our kids and their families through innovative and collaborative projects.

221 young people have gained positive relationships with adults through Mentor Duluth/Mentor Superior, helping them feel more supported.
84 young people have been connected with opportunities to secure employment and learn lasting job skills through Opportunity Youth of Duluth.
85% of eligible families at CHUM’s Steve O’Neil Apartments attend early childhood programming, gaining access to life-long benefits.
80 families experiencing abuse have been offered resources to help them stay together through Heart of the People.


Programs throughout our area are making an impact on the lives of our kids. Good changes are happening. Learn more about how Opportunity Rising is working.

Grant recipients include:

Churches United in Ministry (CHUM): for therapeutic early childhood and parenting programs for families at Duluth’s Steve O’Neil Apartments.

Community Action Duluth: to provide transportation so children and families can take advantage of after-school and other programs that they otherwise might miss.

Duluth Community School Collaborative (formerly Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative): to expand the full-service community school program that provides activities and support for children and families for Myers-Wilkins and Lincoln Park Middle Schools.

Duluth Public Schools-Lincoln Park Middle School: for its parent-teacher home visit project.

Family Forum, Inc: to provide parent coaches to children who attend Head Start early childhood education in Superior.

First Witness Child Advocacy Resource Center (formerly First Witness Child Abuse Resource Center), CASDA and Heart for the People: to provide community advocates and navigators for families of abused children living in poverty.

Men as Peacemakers: to bring violence prevention and leadership programs to create equity for teenage girls and pre-teen boys.

SOAR Career Services, Duluth Workforce Development and Life House, Inc.: to provide education and employment options through a partnership focused on homeless youths age 15 to 21 not in school and not working.

Superior African-American Heritage Community: for a cultural heritage program.

YMCA Mentoring Program to expand mentoring to and strengthening the quality of mentoring for children ages 5 to 17.

Many more like these
There are many, many more agencies and nonprofits working to provide opportunities for kids and families in Duluth and Superior.


When we rise for our kids, we all rise. So I promise to:

Recognize the growing gap between those with opportunity and those without

Initiate action to effect change, one life at a time

Share stories and resources with my family, neighbors and community

Empower all kids to have equal opportunities to live up to their potential, independent of place and race

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