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Be a Storyteller

Join the Opportunity Rising Speakers Bureau

We invite you to give your voice to educate people about the Opportunity Rising initiative.

We’re looking for speakers to share their stories with small groups in our community, or at larger community events. Story sharing allows others to gain an understanding of what it’s like to experience something they themselves have never been through. It brings understanding and starts conversations.

Speakers will have an important role to play in sparking interest and action as we rise together to forge a path to real and meaningful equal opportunities for every child in Duluth and Superior.

Please join us with your energy, talents and resources as we embrace all our kids.

If you are interested in becoming a storyteller, please contact us.

STORYTELLER TOOL KIT—Tips to calm your nerves and tell a great story

Follow these five tips to calm your nerves and tell a great story.

  1. You know what you’re talking about—stay calm. This is your story. You know it. You’re just telling it again to a few more people.
  2. Start strong and be passionate—emotion pulls the audience in and gets them involved. Passion translates into energy and authenticity, and that matters to an audience.
  3. Be conversational—avoid reading your story, word for word, from your notes. Try to use a more free-flowing, conversational approach.
  4. Be patient—it’s easy to get frustrated if you make a mistake. If you skip something you wanted to say or something happens to throw you off track, just take a minute to gather yourself and restart.
  5. Most importantly, enjoy yourself—if you are relaxed your audience will be too.


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When we rise for our kids, we all rise. So I promise to:

Recognize the growing gap between those with opportunity and those without

Initiate action to effect change, one life at a time

Share stories and resources with my family, neighbors and community

Empower all kids to have equal opportunities to live up to their potential, independent of place and race

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